Wildcats to see different look in Tempe

Arizona will see a different look when it faces Arizona State. Read on for Sean Miller's thoughts on Jermaine Marshall, fan support, and more.

Arizona may be considered the road team when it heads to Temp on Friday, but head coach Sean Miller knows that the UA fans will be there in full support.

"We've been in Madison Square Garden playing against Duke and we heard our fans," Miller said. "We've been at San Diego State in an unbelievable environment in November, we heard our fans. We hear them every place we go.

"I think part of what they remind us of is how special it is to be a part of this program. Very few teams' programs have the home court we have, but I would go as far as to say that maybe three, four, maybe five in the country have fans wherever we go on the road attend the games."

Arizona State will be a bit different of an opponent on Friday, as the Sun Devils will have Jermaine Marshall, who missed the first game with an injury.

"We haven't played against them with him," Miller said. "I know they weren't at their best when we played them here in McKale and understandably so. I think he's an all-conference player if you look at his numbers. Carson and him together really have a great backcourt and it is part of why they are having such a great season.

"He's a difference maker in that he can get his own shot, shoots a high percentage, dynamic three-point shooter. The game sometimes gets going very fast against them because Carson is so good in transition and then he finds shooter, he finds Marshall. That's a great shot for them, so transition and making sure you find him is an important piece to having success against them."

Jordan Bachynski did not have a field goal in that first meeting, but Miller believes that a lot of it has to do with Marshall's absence.

"Maybe not having Marshall put more pressure on him," Miller said. "You didn't have to account for that 16 points from the perimeter. This game will be much more difficult because they have another shooter on the court.

"Bachynski seems to get better as his career unfolds and I don't know if he has ever been playing better. We really have our hands full."

In order to have a better chance of winning, there is a good chance Nick Johnson is going to have to emerge from his shooting slump. However, Miller says that Johnson is valuable for far more than his shooting.

"I told Nick that in the Oregon game I can make the case that was one of the best games that he has played this year, but he didn't make threes," Miller said. "He is so far beyond having to make three-point shots to play well. What he does on defense, what he does rebounding, the fact that he plays three positions in one game, he can score at the basket, shooting pull-ups.

"He has games where he has not shot the three well, but he has scored. He is much, much better of a player than having to worry about his three. I think the good news for both him and the team is that he is going to get back on track from three and when he does, him doing some of the things he is still doing and then our team being able to win without him making threes, I think you can imagine how we'll look when he makes a few."

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