McCoy close to committing?

Arizona offered TE/DE Ricky McCoy on Saturday and he was very excited by the offer. Read on to find out how close he is to committing to the Wildcats, what he likes about Arizona, and more.

The Arizona Wildcats already have one 2015 commitment on board in Finton Connolly, but he may be joined by another within a week or two.

Rich Rodriguez and his coaching staff have given out multiple offers over the last few days, including one to Fresno (Calif.) Bullard tight end/defensive end Ricky McCoy.

McCoy was exhilarated by the news that he had just picked up his first scholarship offer.

"When I was told the news, I was shocked to be honest," he said. "I wasn't expecting them to offer me, and it was just a really nice surprise. It means a lot to me."

The Wildcats have had some early communication with the lineman from Fresno and it may pay off early into the recruiting cycle.

"Arizona sends me a lot of letters and I've talked to the coaches a lot too," McCoy said. "There has been some contact for a while and I feel really comfortable with the whole situation at Arizona right now."

McCoy was originally slated to attend Arizona's Junior Day on Saturday, but he was unable to make it due to travel arrangements. He is making it up by scheduling a visit to the campus for Arizona's Spring Game.

"I was supposed to go down for the Junior Day," McCoy said. "Some things came up and flights didn't exactly work out for me, but I will be going down there for the Spring Game for sure next month. I am really looking forward to seeing everything down there."

When the lineman called the coaches to let them know he would not be attending the camp, he was delivered the exciting news about is offer.

"I called Matt Dudek and spoke with him for a while," he said. "He told me that the coaching staff was disappointed that they didn't get to see me at the Junior Day, but that everything was all good. He told me that they wanted to offer and it felt great."

Where do the Wildcats sit with McCoy after the offer?

"As of now, I am pretty much verbally committed to Arizona," McCoy said. "I haven't told Coach Rodriguez yet, but I am going to talk to him later this week after I confirm a few things and that's when I will do it.

"Coach (Matt Dudek) is going to send me an email with some stuff later this week along with the coaches' numbers and then I will call and commit."

It is just McCoy's first offer, but he knows that even when more offers come rolling in, he will be sticking with the Wildcats.

"Hopefully, more schools will offer me because that means that I am doing something right and developing," McCoy said. "Even if they do, though, I don't think that there is really anything that can pull me away from Arizona right now."

Throughout his recruitment, Arizona has stood out for multiple reasons, including the personalities of the coaches, the program, and some of the other players from the Fresno area.

"The culture around the program is what stands out the most," he said. "I just really like the family vibe and that everyone there is there to help each other and get better.

"Arizona has shown me the most love throughout the entire recruiting process so far and that means a lot. I also have some buddies that are from around here that are going there, so that is good too."

The coaches are unsure of where the lineman will play at the collegiate level, but he does have a preference as to where he would like to be.

"They want to see me at both tight end and defensive end," McCoy said. "They aren't sure where they want me to play yet, but I can play either position. It's not possible to play both, otherwise I would try to do that.

"I like both positions, but I prefer to be at tight end. I feel a lot more comfortable there."

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