Tarczewski prepared for Utah

Kaleb Tarczewski is hoping that Arizona does not find itself on a losing streak. Read on for his thoughts on Utah and more.

Utah is one of the few teams in the Pac-12 that can match Arizona's size and center Kaleb Tarczewski acknowledges the challenge that the Utes bring.

"Utah is a great team," Tarczewski said. "We sort of struggled against them last time. They run quite a few defenses, but I think we are going to be more prepared for it this time.

"Obviously we're going to be going into a pretty hostile environment, but we have the next few days to prepare for that and be at our best."

In order to deal with the numerous defensive looks. Tarczewski believes Arizona will need to relax somewhat on offense.

"They just sort of throw a ton of different defenses at you and you have to flow into it," he said. "Sometimes you are not sure if they are man or zone or what they are doing, so you need to relax and fall into the offense."

If what Arizona head coach Sean Miller said is to be believed, Tarczewski may be playing less minutes on Wednesday.

Earlier in the week, Miller basically said he was going to force himself to play other guys more minutes.

"I think we all believe that is what is best for the team," Tarczewski said. "Everyone on this team is a great basketball player and without a doubt everyone can contribute to the success of this team. I think that is going to be real important for us moving forward."

Although it has not played a ton this season, Tarczewski has confidence in the ability of the bench.

"I think in these next few games, definitely look for more contributions off the bench," he said. "I think those guys coming into the game can help us out and give us that extra boost of energy towards the end of games."

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