Miller breaks down win over Colorado

Sean Miller couldn't be happier after Arizona's win over Colorado on Saturday. Read on to see what he says about the overall performance and more.

Arizona played arguably its most complete game of the season when it blew out Colorado by 27 points on Saturday.

That fact was certainly not lost on head coach Sean Miller, who was seemingly just as impressed as those who watched it all unfold.

"We certainly played well, no question about it," Miller said. "Our defense had a lot of energy. We shot the ball well from the field and once we got through our early free-throw drought we really settled in from an offensive perspective.

"We're excited, playing up here is not an easy deal, and we knew this was a big game for Colorado. We had a really good four or five days leading up to this game."

Aaron Gordon was a major reason why the Wildcats were able to win, as he finished with a career-high 23 points and added eight rebounds as well.

"Aaron's really talented," Miller said. "He didn't play one of his best games at Utah and he had a great focus leading into our game. We talked a lot to make sure he was locked in. When you have an attitude like he has, it was only a matter of time before he broke through. He was terrific tonight.

"A couple things didn't go his way at Utah and uncharacteristically he hung onto that and it affected his game. That was a learning moment for him. Sometimes you forget he's only a freshman, so he's working through things just like all 18 year olds do. No question it was his best game at Arizona."

The Wildcats were able to get 19 points from its bench, but the more noticeable aspect of that may have been the increased confidence among the team.

"I think we played nine (players), we learned a lot in the Arizona State game, and from that game on we've had a more clear direction of what our team needs to be the best that we can," Miller said. "I think we can still get better. We haven't had a lot of time playing without Brandon [Ashley], and the more we play without him the more sure of ourselves we become."

After the previous meeting between these two teams, Xavier Johnson made numerous comments about how it would be different the next time they met.

While that turned out to be highly inaccurate, Miller did not allow any of the team to get caught up in the situation.

"We have great respect," Miller said. "I don't think you have any of our players saying anything negative about Colorado, saying we're going to win by 20, we don't do that. For us, we have to play the right way, we have to compete hard, and certainly we respect Colorado."

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