Boyle full of praise for Arizona after loss

Tad Boyle saw his Colorado squad get blown out by Arizona on Saturday. After the game, he had plenty of praise for the Wildcats. Read on to see what impressed him and more.

Tad Boyle knew that Colorado would have to play a good game to beat Arizona, but it was not able to do that on Saturday.

Afterwards, Colorado's head coach gave plenty of credit to the Wildcats.

"Well, my hat goes off to Arizona; they whipped us tonight in every which way you can whip a team," Boyle said. "Our fans and our seniors deserve better than they got tonight and for that, I'm truly sorry. It was a disappointing performance by our team and I have to look square in the mirror on that as their coach. I didn't do a very good job tonight.

"We're going to get better from this, but we're a better team than the way we played tonight; you can't get away with the way we played against a team like Arizona. I can't emphasize how good they are defensively.

"There are 11 other teams in the PAC-12 and then there's Arizona. It's not even close [on the defensive end of the floor]. Our frustrations on offense led to a dunk-fest tonight and they missed four shots in the second half."

In addition, Colorado's decision-making was a big reason why it was not able to make a consistent run against Arizona.

"Number one, our ball screen defense was pathetic," Boyle said. "We got no pressure on the ball, our rotations weren't where they needed to be. I can go on and on. Some of the dunks came in transition as a result of turnovers, but turnovers really weren't a major issue for our team tonight.

"We shot the ball so darn quick that we didn't have a chance to turn it over. We took such bad shots and quickly, that it was like a turnover and they were able to get out in transition."

Of course, it is difficult to beat anyone when the opposition shoots 60 percent for an entire game, including a half with 84 percent shooting.

"When they miss four shots in the second half and you're taking the ball out of the net, it's hard to run because the defense is set," Boyle said. "When you let their defense get set, you better work it, you better execute, you better screen, you better cut, you better move, you better share the ball. Trying to dribble through them is not going to happen."

Boyle was not happy with the way the Buffs played, but continued to give Arizona credit.

"The onus is on Colorado Basketball," Boyle said. The coach and the players had a lot to do with it [the loss] tonight. Arizona had a lot to do with it [the loss] tonight. We talk all the time and focus on preparing to beat the best teams.

"In order to do that, you have to be efficient, unselfish, and together offensively, which we were none of the above tonight. You have to dig in defensively with a mindset to get stops. We didn't do that. They shot 84.6% in the second half."

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