Spring Preview: Quarterbacks

Arizona has a major competition on its hands at quarterback. Read on as we name the favorite, dark horse, quarterback with the most potential, and make our pick.

The proven: This is one of the few positions where there is really no answer. Some would maybe say Connor Brewer, but that is not the case because he transferred from Texas. Solomon has not seen any real action and neither have any of the other quarterbacks on the roster. The fact that we can't answer this is probably scary to a lot of people and something that the coaches may be excited, but not overly thrilled, with.

The question mark: Again, we can say anybody, but we're going to go with Anu Solomon. While we heard good things about how Solomon performed in practice, it really does not mean much. It is completely up in the air as to how he will perform in a game situation. He has the tools, but has to be able to put it together and make sure it translates to the field.

The biggest question surround Solomon may not actually be related to his skill. Solomon is a quiet kid and while that is not necessarily a knock, you don't see a lot of quarterbacks that do not want to be leaders or at least do not emerge as one. If Solomon is going to become a leader of Arizona's offense, his personality is going to have to change a bit. The coaching staff likes guys at quarterback that are confident in their ability and want to take complete control of the team, which is something that Solomon has yet to really show.

The most potential: We're going to go with Jerrard Randall here because of his ability to run, which is surprisingly unique among Arizona's options. Solomon is mobile, but we still would not consider him a runner. Brewer can get out and run a little bit and so can Scroggins but, again, we wouldn't consider them to be runners. Randall on the other hand is probably a run-first quarterback that uses it to his advantage.

It's no secret that Rodriguez likes mobile quarterbacks and although he may say that he adapts the offense to his signal caller, we feel comfortable saying that he likes the options a guy like Randall brings. If Arizona can increase his throwing consistency and accuracy, there is a better chance of Randall starting than people realize.

The dark horse: The answer is above in Randall, but this is a good time to talk about Jesse Scroggins. He had a wakeup call last season when he was suspended for missing a team bus and from there on out, the word is that he performed well. We still don't love Scroggins' chances of winning the starting job, but the physical tools are there.

If Scroggins can start to play with more of an edge and put everything together, he can make a run at this thing. That is easier said than done, but the competition is so wide open that it is now or never for Scroggins.

The pick: This is tougher for us than people may originally think. The favorite is Solomon for numerous reasons. He is young, has potential, and the coaching staff recruited him with every belief that he could start as a redshirt freshman. Connor Brewer is probably the hardest working of the bunch, but his physical ability may limit his potential a bit.

Then comes Jerrard Randall. He has been watching film nearly every day, has an obvious chip on his shoulder, an attitude the coaches love, and mobility. If he can come in and throw with any sense of accuracy, he is going to make a very legitimate run at this thing.

We're going to go with Solomon for now with the caveat that we would not be surprised if Randall wound up winning it. Brewer winning the job would slightly surprise us and Scroggins winning it would have to be considered a major upset.

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