York feels comfortable in expanded role

Gabe York has seen an expanded role and feels comfortable with it. Read on to see why that is, his reaction to now being a starter, and more.

To the surprise of many, Gabe York was inserted into the starting lineup this week. However, he was one of the few people that truly was not surprised.

"Honestly it wasn't really a surprise," York said. "I feel like coach could have gone either way with me or Rondae. It is something I have worked hard on and I am just glad I got to be in the starting lineup."

Whether it is as a starter or sixth man, York feels comfortable in his ability to contribute.

"I'm very comfortable," he said. "I feel like coming off the bench or starting, I am getting into a groove now. Knowing when to shoot the ball and being able to create space on the floor so Nick and T.J. can get their buckets.

"Even if I am not scoring, I am still helping the team out in different ways. I am spreading the floor out, and last game I did not score the ball really well, but I got rebound and am doing whatever the team needs me to do."

Sean Miller made sure to give York and teammate Elliott Pitts credit not just for their scoring, but for what they are able to do to the offense overall.

"I think it is not only Gabe, but I really believe Elliott adds to it as well in that those guys can shoot the basketball," Miller said. "It's not just when they take a shot or make one, but just their presence and the knowing that they have the ability to do so gives you a little bit better spacing and I think it allows really our entire team to be at our best on offense.

"As they have more of an opportunity, they have to do a great job of blocking out, playing bigger than their size, making sure that we are still a very physical team. More than any stat on this trip, Gabe York getting ten rebounds is really a great thing for both Gabe and our team. He did an outstanding job."

York could not help but chuckle when discussing his success on the glass and also gave credit to his teammates.

"My teammates blocked all the guys out and the ball sort of just fell into my hands a couple times," York said. "Coach told us when Brandon went down we need to step up rebounding, so I try to do that a little more often than I used to."

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