Johnson looking forward to rematch

Nick Johnson is looking forward to the rematch with Cal on Wednesday. Read on to see why that is, what is different this time around, and more.

Nick Johnson had arguably the worst game of his career when Arizona took on Cal earlier this season.

With the rematch days away, Johnson is not hiding the fact that he is excited to once again take on the Golden Bears.

"I'm excited," Johnson said. "It's the next opponent in front of us and obviously the first team to beat us this year, so it is a little more excitement. I feel like the way they beat us, we weren't full handed and did not have time to adjust to Brandon's injury. Now it might be a little different. We can game plan and over the past week or so we have really started to feel comfortable on offense.

"It was just an all-around tough game. They played great and came in with a game plan. They executed and guys made shots, so we are looking forward to the next week."

Arizona is coming off a surprisingly easy win over Colorado and Johnson feels it was a matter of time before the Wildcats put together such a performance.

"We got comfortable with our offense," he said. "I really think this weekend could be the turning point for us as far as getting back in the right mindset as far as offense.

"We still play great defense and did what we needed to do on offense in both games. We really found our rhythm as far as running, pushing the ball, shooting, and just being aggressive on offense."

In addition, Arizona never lost confidence, as it felt that practicing would eventually put things back on the right track offensively.

"We have been drilling it all in practice," Johnson said. "Don't worry about offense. If you continue to keep on working on your shot and stuff like that, then it will come and it all clicked."

One of the keys to beating Cal will be to attack the glass and with Brandon Ashley out, the guards have taken on more of a responsibility to rebound.

"It's clear that when Brandon went out we really struggled the first few games, especially us going small sometimes," Johnson said. "With the way we start the game sometimes with me at the three, it is a big emphasis on guards coming in and the bigs blocking out and we have to swoop in there and get the rebound sometimes."

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