Miller holds Cal in high regard

Arizona head coach Sean Miller has plenty of praise for Cal. Read on to see what he says, why he downplays the revenge factor, and more.

Arizona's players may be looking at Wednesday's game against California as a bit of an opportunity for revenge, but head coach Sean Miller is downplaying that aspect of the rematch.

"I don't look at it that way and our team can't," Miller said. "When you go through an 18-game conference season at this level, I think it is impossible to be 18-0. Just look around the country and see how difficult that is."

Looking back at the first meeting, Miller says that the loss came down to making a few plays against a legitimately good team.

"Cal played a terrific game against us the first time and we still were right there," he said. "We were there like we have been so many times this year and they made a big shot. We had a couple of plays we didn't make, but they are a very good team.

"Their road record speaks for itself. They have the best road record in the conference other than ourselves. They have a very good team, an excellent coach, so it is going to be a very tough game for us on Wednesday."

One of the aspects of the Golden Bears that Arizona needs to control is the play of the front court "Playing them the first time, it was a reminder for us that their front court is both talented and experienced," Miller said. "I think Richard Solomon's first half against us at Cal was a big reason why they won."

In addition to Solomon, Miller took time to give credit to David Kravish, who he feels is one of the more underappreciated players in the conference.

"I believe Kravish is one of our conference's best players," Miller said. "When I vote for the all-conference team, I put him on it. I believe when you look at him, he is very understated as a player. He is a terrific defender, he can guard mobile players, post players, and he is a really aggressive offensive rebounder.

"His screening in their offense is a big part of their success. He is a lot like the Wear twins in that he shoots the ball from the perimeter and yet he can also score from the post. He is a tough matchup if you just look at his production, game in and game out he shows up.

"He's been doing that his entire career, so Solomon and Kravish especially, those two guys, we respect them a lot and they hurt us badly in the first game."

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