Simon looking forward to visit

Five-star guard Justin Simon will be visiting Arizona this weekend. Read on to see what he will be looking for, how busy his summer will be, and more.

Temecula (Calif.) Valley combo guard Justin Simon is an absolute priority recruit for the 2015 class and he will be on campus this weekend.

"Yeah, we are going to head out to Tucson Saturday evening after his high school tourney game," Simon's AAU coach Sunny Deen said. "We will probably get in early Sunday and then make the most out of the entire day."

The visit may not be long, but Simon wants to get plenty done while at Arizona.

"We just want to get a feel for how everything works, how a typical day goes, and also enjoy some good basketball," Deen said. "I know Justin wants to see how Coach interacts with his players and how everyone interacts with each other."

Arizona was one of the first schools in on Simon, but his recruitment has now gone national.

"We're trying to set up a visit with Kansas here soon and Louisville just offered," Deen said. "There are also other schools that have been a constant presence."

Simon and Deen both know that there will be a busy summer ahead for the five-star guard.

"It's going to be a busy summer for us," Deen said. "Justin wants to play really well. I'm not even worried about that because his skills and drive to improve are such that he will continue to get better, but we also want to take visits and see what options are out there. It would be a disservice to Justin to not make sure that he is aware of all of his options.

"The most important thing these coming months is for him to continue to get better so we will be working every day and between that and looking hard at recruiting, we're going to be busy."

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