Plenty of competition heading into the spring

Arizona will have numerous open positions during spring ball. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez says about that competition and more.

This spring holds many more questions that last year for Arizona football, as there is plenty of competition at vital positions.

However, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez feels that the competition at quarterback can't be won in the spring.

"They can develop a pecking order from spring, but then it will start all over again in August," Rodriguez said. "We won't have a starter after spring and I'm not really concerned with that."

Rodriguez admits the situation makes him a little nervous, but there is also some excitement involved there.

"It's a little bit scary, but we went through this last year," he said. "I think the talent is there and I think Coach (Rod) Smith and I will have to sort out getting them all reps. I think there will be seven this spring and nine in the fall camp so it will be fun to watch the guys compete."

In addition to quarterback, Arizona is heading into the spring not knowing who the starting running back will be.

"Ka'Deem (Carey)was a guy that understood our offense pretty well for being here just two years and we got a lot of production out of him," Rodriguez said. "We also had Daniel Jenkins and we knew we were going to get production from him.

"Now it's a mystery. That's going to be one of the positions, like quarterback, that will be kind of open to see if we can get guys to get better."

The competition is not only on the offensive side of the ball, as there are questions on the defensive line as well.

"I'm not really sure who is going to be there," Rodriguez said. "I think we are going to try and find more than one guy. Tevin (Hood) was really solid there.

"Dwight Melvin has some experience and Luca Bruno has passed his freshman year now. I think we will be a bit deeper there. We are not a big experimental team in the spring."

One of the solutions to the open positions could be playing certain guys on both sides of the ball.

"Maybe not so much during the spring, but we will look at a few guys," Rodriguez said. "I have talked about DaVonte' Neal playing some cornerback. We have some guys in the freshman class like Cam Denson that may play some receiver and some corner, too."

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