Mayes to start in final home game

Jordin Mayes is set to start in his final home game at McKale. Read on to see what Sean Miller and Mayes' teammates have to say about what he has meant to the program and more.

Jordin Mayes has had plenty of ups and downs in his career at Arizona, but he will start his final home game on Sunday when the Wildcats take on Stanford.

"Jordin is a winner," Sean Miller said. "Before he came here he won a couple of California state championships and he has been a part of some good things here in our program thus far.

"Consider the role he had as a freshman on a Pac-12 championship team, a team that went to the Elite 8 and he played in every game that year. A year ago being on a team that was in the Sweet 16 and being someone that played in every game, always having a role."

Mayes' role has diminished a bit, but Miller still believes he has a bigger one than some may think.

"This year maybe his role isn't as big, but he still has a very big one," Miller said. "The players on the team look to him to be a big leader.

"Jordin is one of the most responsible people that I have ever coached and he is one class away from graduating."

Despite the obstacles he has encountered at Arizona, Miller is impressed with how consistent Mayes' attitude has been.

"He's the same every day," Miller said. "He works hard, always shows up on time, has a very unselfish attitude, and takes care of business off the court.

"From an academic perspective, you almost don't ever hear his name called because he always does what he is supposed to. Having overcome an injury, obstacles, adversity, it hasn't always been smooth for him, but I have no doubt when he leaves here he is going to go on to do great things."

Nick Johnson agrees and goes as far to say that Mayes is one of Arizona's best defenders.

"I think you can ask anybody on our team, he is probably one of our best defenders," Johnson said. "It's pretty amazing how he can come in the game off the bench and not be warm or anything and guard the other team's best player for four or five possessions and not give up a bucket. He's definitely a valuable part of our team."

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