Quarterback competition wide open

With the start of spring ball, the quarterback competition has officially started. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez thinks of the participants and more.

Arizona has plenty of position battles going on in the spring, but none will get as much attention as the one at quarterback.

After practice, Rich Rodriguez told the media that he has no idea what the rotation is and not to ask or read into anything that was happening in practice in terms of the amount of snaps.

As for how he handles the large amount of quarterbacks, Rodriguez has a simple answer that revolves around how much he will see them throw.

"Yell and scream," Rodriguez said of how he handles the quarterbacks. "No, it's all about reps. We rep everyone all practice. We can only go three deep on a full team period.

"Coach (Rod) Smith does a good job of getting them in there and getting reps. By the end of spring, they will have plenty of time to evaluate and figure it out."

Each quarterback is playing with his own set of expectations, but none may be as high as they are for Jesse Scroggins, especially with how he was talked about upon arriving at Arizona.

"The biggest thing for Jesse is being comfortable and knowing where his eyes are at," Rodriguez said. "He's still getting lost a little bit, but I can see that he has gotten better as has Anu (Solomon), Connor (Brewer), and Nick (Isham) being in the system."

Jerrard Randall may be the biggest question among the quarterbacks and it will take some time for him to adjust to how Rodriguez does things.

"He's like when the guys first get here, he's going 100 miles an hour," Rodriguez said. "He can throw (the ball) through a pane glass window, but everything is moving fast, his eyes, his feet, his mind. It'll slow down for him as spring goes on." Rodriguez does not anticipate having a starting quarterback by the end of the spring, but is hopeful there will be some separation.

"It's wide open," he said. "Truly, I don't know, and I don't expect us to have a particular pecking order done by the spring, but I would hope that there are at least two or three that we feel we could win with these guys."

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