Arizona adjusting to life without Carey

Arizona has started to adjust to life without Ka'Deem Carey. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez says about that void, his possible replacements, and more.

When Arizona took the field on Monday for its first practice of the spring, one player that was noticeably absent was Ka'Deem Carey.

Without him, the coaching staff must now find a player or combination of players that can help fill that major void.

"They're all young," Rich Rodrigiuez said of the current running backs. "They're going to get a lot of reps this spring because there aren't a lot of them yet.

"We're still waiting on (Jonathan) Haden to get cleared. He'll be the fourth guy, but they're going to get a lot of reps. They're talented, but you can see that they're inexperienced at times."

One of the more underrated elements of losing Carey is that Arizona also needs to replace his energy and leadership as well.

"There are other guys like DaVonte' (Neal), Austin (Hill) and some of those other guys bring that to us offensively," Rodriguez said. "We thought Ka'Deem was the best running back in the nation. We're going to miss that for sure.

"There are guys on defense, the secondary guys that have been playing for a while. The intensity and enthusiasm was pretty good, but we're not running a cheerleading contest here. I'm just looking for effort and execution more than anything else."

In addition, the coaching staff is hoping that its overall speed upgrade will help make up for the loss of Carey.

"Well we are probably at a seven, speed wise," Rodriguez said. "If last year was a five, which is good, but we're still not strong enough. I just told them from an upper body strength, we are woefully weak.

"We were weak last year and weaker the year before that. We are stronger, but not to where we have to be."

Like other skills, Rodriguez is confident that speed is something that can be improved upon.

"I think you can teach guys to be faster," he said. "I have enough confidence in our strength staff. They've done a great job, have gotten the guys faster, but it's easier to recruit it than to teach it."

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