Volk hopes to fill a void at end

The Wildcats are going to have a huge hole at defensive end next season. The Wildcats will lose four seniors following this season, and will only have a few ends returning. Needless to say recruiting defensive ends is a huge priority for the Cats. Fortunately one of the top ends on the West Coast has already agreed to become a Wildcat. 6-2, 250 pound Tim Volk is one of three California players to give Arizona verbals

Volk from Notre Dame, California came to Arizona's junior day and was impressed with everything he saw.

"It was a really great school," Volk said. "It was a lot more than I expected it to be. It surprised me."

The Arizona coaching staff made a great impression as well.

"They had faith in me and what I could do. I was surprised but they were pretty stoked about my technique"

Volk sees an opportunity to play right away next season with the Cats.

"There is a void that needs to be filled and I want to fill that void. I'm pretty confident and I'll try as hard as I can."

Volk wasn't all that familiar with the tradition of the Arizona defense, but that soon changed.

"It's quite tremendous," Volk said of the defensive tradition. "I'd only heard a little bit about it. To be honest I wasn't really into football until I was in high school."

Volk had a great junior season. He amassed 106 tackles, 66 of which were unassisted. He also had 8 ½ sacks and two touchdowns.

Volk, who also plays offensive line, is a versatile player who can play on both the inside and outside on the defensive line. At Arizona he is projected as a defensive end. He also possesses great game speed, even if he doesn't have the best 40 times.

"I'm not blazing fast, but I have quick feet. I'm fast on the field."

Even with his quickness, Volk would like to get quicker and improve his agility before coming to Tucson next year.

"You can never have enough quickness. The quicker you are the better you'll be."

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