Carey remains confident in his abilities

Ka'Deem Carey had his Pro Day at Arizona on Thursday. Read on to see his thoughts on how it went, his draft stock, and more.

Ka'Deem Carey is aware that the knock on him is his speed. However, after he completed his Pro Day at Arizona Stadium on Thursday, he made it clear that he was not going to let that get to him.

"I didn't even ask for the time to tell you the truth," Carey said. "I went out there and ran as I can, so that's all that matters. I have great game speed and I play football. I am not a track star and that is what I try to tell them."

In addition to what he can do on the field, Carey is going to have to excel on it in order to raise his draft stock, which is something that started at the recent NFL combine.

"It was a great experience talking to coaches," he said. "The interview was a lot of questions about on the field, off the field, random questions that they try to throw you off your block.

"That's what they were trying to do but they didn't do it. As a result, coaches came up to me and said I had great interviews down there, so that's definitely a plus for me."

Carey says that he is talking to the Vikings and Browns quite a bit, but is unable to really get a feel as to which teams want him the most.

"I can't tell at this stage," he said. "In the next couple of days, they will call me for private workouts. That's when you'll get a better taste of it. Who knows in this draft? They could do a trade and get you at the last second."

What Carey does know is the type of team that he wants to be on and that starts with a motivation to win.

"I definitely always strive to win championships," Carey said. "I want to be surrounded by a group that is hungry and motivated to achieve its goals.

"An example would be like the Seahawks. I just love the way they have passion for the game. Their food is the ball. They just wanted to win. Any team that symbolizes that would be perfect."

Carey is quick to credit the coaching staff for his current position, especially in the part of the process that requires him to break down plays in front of numerous NFL teams.

"Teams definitely want to see if you know football and speak football to them, so they put me up on the board," Carey said. "It was blocking schemes, one to two to three were my reads and what holes am I looking for, the plays and gap coverages.

"I give all credit to Coach (Calvin) Magee. He taught me well while I was here and put me up on the board and made sure I understood football, not only hit the hole but also understand what's happening on defense."

Arizona got one of the best offensive seasons in school history from Carey, but the back feels he can still improve.

"Fundamentals of pass blocking," Carey said of where he can improve the most. "I pick it up well. I can read it well. I know what's going on, but I want the fundamentals to just stand in front of somebody and hit them dead in the chest and say you're not going anywhere. That's what I need to work on and I told the scouts that while I was down here."

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