Green fighting for the starting spot

Zach Green wants to be the starter. Read on to see what he says separates himself from the other backs and more.

Zachary Green sat behind Ka'Deem Carey last season and now that Carey is gone, Green is hoping that he can step into his spot.

With such a difference in the running back competition, Green realizes he has a good chance of making an impact this season.

"There's a very different mentality because the job is wide open," Green said. "Me and Pierre and P.J. and the other backs are competing for this job.

"It means a lot, but I want to show the coaches I belong and work to the best of my ability to do that."

Green did not want to put down any of the other backs, but believes his power is one of the aspects of his game that sets him apart.

"My mentality and my strength are a big part of me," Green said. "My power in my lower body probably sets me apart from the other guys, but all of us backs have something different about us that sets us apart.

"We all complement each other and it is a cool thing to have a set of backs that are all close friends off the field and have a common goal."

As of now, Green is probably the strongest back Arizona has. However, he has still taken it upon himself to lose weight in order to increase his speed.

"I was 230 pounds when I first reported because that first summer after high school no coaches were there and it was almost like a dead period," Green said.

"It was really hard keeping myself on track, but the coaches told me they needed me to cut 20 pounds off and that I can be a fast back, 205 or 210 pounds like Ka'Deem was, and still have that speed and power at the same time."

The label of being a power back may not get to Green too much, but he admits he wants to shed it.

"They will have to see this first game or even the spring game," he said. "None of the backs have had a carry in a game, but I am anxious to show people what I can do."

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