Jones wants to establish himself

Cayleb Jones sat out last season, but is finally going to be able to see the field for Arizona. Read on for his mentality, why he needs to establish himself, and more.

Cayleb Jones had to sit out last season due to the transfer rules, but he is now in a position for people to see just how good he is.

"I have a couple months under my belt," Jones said. "Last season I was on the scout team having Connor Brewer in my back pocket, learning the plays, and having other guys around me telling me what to do."

There may not be a better competition than what Arizona has going on at wide receiver and Jones acknowledges his excitement about it.

"Competition is the biggest thing in our room right now," he said. "Really everybody wants to establish themselves as someone that is dependable.

"I know personally I want to separate myself from the rest of the group, guys like Austin Hill that are great, I want to do things better than him. It is a competition and I want to play, as do others."

Jones believes that the competition will be something that only helps the Arizona receivers.

"I think we're the most competitive position on the team," he said. "There's a lot of big guys, lot of small guys that do a lot of different things, it makes everybody a little better."

There are a lot of questions at quarterback, which could make a wide receiver nervous. However, Jones is not approaching the current situation like that.

"For us we can't take plays off," Jones said. "We can't pay attention to the quarterbacks because whoever throws it, we have to catch it. None of that makes it any harder or any easier."

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