Hill staying confident

Austin Hill is able to fully participate in spring ball. Read on for his thoughts on that, the other wide receivers, and more.

Austin Hill missed last season with a knee injury, but is glad to be able to participate in the spring.

"It feels awesome to be back out here," Hill said. "I kind of finished out the season last year working out with the team and all that, but actually being back and being able to go through all the spring feels pretty good."

Hill has no plans to take off his knee brace in the spring, but that is mostly due to precautionary reasons.

"It's staying all spring," he said. "I plan on working out a little bit doing agility drills and building my speed up during summer, but definitely during spring ball it stays on.

"My main goal is to stay healthy and get through spring ball with no other mishaps."

In addition to his physical state, Hill is also more comfortable mentally.

"I am able to move around a little bit more," Hill said. "I was uncertain during some of the cutting drills, but now I am full go. I have been focusing on staying confident in my knee."

Although he would have rather been on the field, Hill feels being off the field had its own benefits.

"It was good for me to be able to kind of live in the weight room," he said. "Every day I was in there even after practice sometimes. I felt a lot stronger out here. Upper body wise I was feeling good on blocks and everything like that."

Wide receiver is the most talented position on the roster, but Hill wants to keep expectations in check.

"I think there is a lot of excitement, but we are kind of keeping it inside right now because you don't want to get too cocky or too big headed too soon," Hill said.

"You never really know who are going to be the starting three or four receivers, so everybody is kind of keeping it contained. We know we have to work hard to get on the field because there is a lot of competition in the receiver group."

There is plenty of competition at receiver, which is why some of the younger guys are being careful.

"A lot of guys are looking over their shoulders, especially the young guys that were able to play last year," Hill said. "There are now a lot of older guys stepping up, so there is looking over the shoulder to see who is going to be that or who is going to be this.

"Confidence wise, I am always confident in myself. You have to be confident in yourself to be a good receiver and I think Davonte and Caleb bring a lot of confidence into the receiving core."

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