Solomon wants to be a leader

Anu Solomon wants to prove to the Arizona coaching staff that he can lead. Read on to see how he is working to do that and more.

Anu Solomon is entering the spring knowing that it may be his best chance to become a starting quarterback at Arizona.

Thus it is no surprise that he is working to prove himself to the coaching staff.

"The spring is going great so far," Solomon said. "I am learning some different things and making sure I know all of the X's and O's."

Solomon knows what he has to prove to the coaches and wants to continue to improve.

"I have to show them that I am pretty much just getting better every day," he said. "I am doing some extra work and trying to be an outstanding leader."

The competition includes numerous quarterbacks, but Solomon embraces it.

"It's hectic," Solomon said. "Competition runs in your life and I have been competing all of my life, so that's just how it is."

Rich Rodriguez has made it clear that there are no leaders at the position and Solomon has no issues with that.

"There's not really a depth chart right now," he said. "We're pushing each other and trying to take advantage of our reps.

"It's not really that scary. There may not be a depth chart, but it is all about competing."

Solomon's teammates have noticed a change in his approach, including sophomore wide receiver Samajie Grant.

"Anu's mentality is much different," Grant said. "It's crazy because he plays the video game, but he plays it to the way our coaches teach him at quarterback.

"He puts the playbook and all that together on the video game and it literally helps him out. Even in practice that is what he thinks about and he is relaxing, making sure his body is right, and stuff like that."

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