Miller still sees room for improvement

Sean Miller is confident in Arizona's ability going into the postseason, but still seems room for improvement. Read on to see where that is and more.

Arizona is days away from its opening game of the Pac-12 tournament and although some may be concerned about its loss at Oregon, Miller believes that the Wildcats can take away plenty from it.

"It's not like we're broke going into the Pac-12 tournament, but we don't want to ignore that game," Miller said. "There are things we did really well in that game and there are things that we didn't.

"The difference is that when you only lose three times in a season, the things that you didn't do well are really teachable moments."

In fact, Arizona wants to win the Pac-12 tournament, but also realizes a loss would not be the end of its season.

"If you lose in your conference tournament, especially if you are us, I think you kind of wipe that away and get ready for what we really all do this for and that's a chance to advance in the NCAA tournament," Miller said.

This year's tournament seems to be up in the air as to which team will emerge and most of that has to do with the depth in the Pac-12.

"The depth and quality of Pac-12 doesn't take a back seat in my mind to any conference," Miller said. "The only thing you have to look at is the number of teams that are going to be in this year's NCAA tournament or the postseason.

"I think when you have 12 teams in the conference and you are looking at about eight in post season tournaments, that really speaks for itself."

In order to succeed in the postseason, Miller has a few things that he would like to see from the Wildcats.

"We have to play with ten or fewer turnovers," he said. "We had some insane moments in the Oregon game that really cost us. The turnovers are overwhelming, for our team we have to play with ten or fewer.

"Eventually if we keep shooting 50 percent from the foul line, we will lose. You can mask it, you can avoid it, you can talk about we're going to get better, but we were 11-19 in that game. It is something that you don't really talk about because it seems like we are always 11-19, but I think all of us kind of wait for that moment where how about 17-21 in a game or how could can we be if we make some free-throws.

"We're going to stay with trying to improve. I think we have a number of players that are not shooting the percentages they are capable of. I think the turnovers and free-throws percentages have to be in place for us moving forward for us to reach our goals."

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