Colorado knows what it takes

Tad Boyle and Askia Booker know what it will take to defeat Arizona. Read on to see what they say that is and more.

You don't have to remind Colorado coach Tad Boyle what makes Arizona such a strong team. He recognizes it fully and was quick to acknowledge it on Thursday.

"Their defense," Boyle said. "They're the best defensive team in our league. It's not even close. They're the best rebounding team in our league. It is close there."

Boyle believes that in order for Colorado to win, it is going to have to replicate what the Wildcats do defensively, which is something he believes the Buffs can do.

"We're going to have to guard Arizona like they guard everybody else, and that is, again, we've got great respect for their players, their coaches and their program, but the one thing about these guys, they're playing with a sense of purpose and competitiveness about them as a group that we haven't seen in a while."

One thing Colorado won't be lacking on Friday is confidence, as there is plenty of it to go around.

"It's come and it's gone throughout the year, but these guys are focused," Boyle said. "They're confident. Again, Arizona is a good team, but we're a good team too. I told these guys in the locker room, all you can ask for in life is an opportunity. We have an opportunity tomorrow to go play against one of the top teams in the country and prove ourselves."

Although the opportunity presents itself, Colorado has to make sure that it executes in order to take advantage of it.

"We're going to have to make shots," Boyle said. "We're going to have to take care of the basketball because their defense, again, it doesn't break down. Their ball screen defense is good. Their rotations are good. Their players are good.

"We're going to have to make shots and we're going to have to play Colorado basketball offensively, which is inside out, play through our bigs and attack the rim. If we don't get to the rim, we have to kick it out and make some shots. We've got to guard them."

Colorado point guard Askia Booker agreed with his head, going as far as to call the Arizona matchup a rivalry.

"Yeah, it's a great rivalry in my eyes," he said. "They have great guards. I mean, when I was a freshman, Josiah Turner was still there, and that was a guard I competed in with Cali, and he's not there anymore. So Nick Johnson, he's a great guard, may be one of the best in our conference, may be one of the best in the country.

"I'm going to take on that challenge and try to compete as much as I can with him. But it's not just about me and my rivalry. It's about the team. We're going to have to keep them off the boards and take away their second chance points because that's where they're really good at. If we do that, I think we're giving our team a good chance to win."

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