Miller respectful of Weber State

Arizona head coach Sean Miller was full of compliments on Sunday night. Read on to see what he says about Arizona's first opponent and more.

When it was announced that Arizona is playing Weber State in its opening game of the NCAA Tournament, the reaction of Arizona fans was predictable.

The Wildcats are easily the favorite here and attention among the fan base has already turned to the second round matchup.

However, Arizona head coach Sean Miller is being a bit more careful than that in warning his team and others that Weber State deserves respect.

"We are going to play a regular season champion, a tournament champion, someone that has been in the tournament before that is a fantastic three-point shooting team, a highly skilled team," Miller said.

Weber State may be the underdog, but Miller feels that its offense could give it a chance.

"Anytime you play a team that is that prolific on offense, that has shooters like Weber State does, that is a team that can be successful in the NCAA tournament," he said.

Much of that effectiveness on offense revolves around what Weber State can do behind the arc.

"Last year in our first round we played Belmont and it was very similar," Miller said. "They were a very prolific three-point shooting team and we prepared. A year ago we weren't as good defending the three-point shot as we are this year.

"By the way, that doesn't mean we will be good on Friday. You have to earn it. We were really good at being focused in that area and if you remember last year we did an excellent job defending the three point shot and we have to be able to do the same thing this year to advance."

Arizona's coaching staff will obviously draw up the game plan, but Miller has already talked to his brother Archie, who played Weber State just one season ago.

"I know a year ago Weber State played Dayton and me being familiar with Dayton and talking to my brother, he raved about how they executed and how well coached a team they were and who has a skilled group of players," Miller said.

The most dangerous player is guard Davion Berry, who leads the Weber State Wildcats in numerous statistical categories.

"Their point guard Davion Barry, just looking at his numbers, they are really striking," Miller said. "He is certainly a special guard and probably one of the biggest reasons why they are here in the NCAA Tournament."

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