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Sean Miller has plenty of respect for the rest of the teams in the NCAA Tournament, but believes Arizona's success has more to do with itself than anything else. Read on to see why that is and much more.

When brackets get announced, people all over the country begin to analyze each individual matchup. For Arizona head coach Sean Miller, it is more about how Arizona plays than who Arizona plays.

"It's about us playing really well, as best we can play on a neutral floor against Weber State on Friday," Miller said. "The seed, the history of the seed, if we are fortunate enough to advance, that is all for the outside world to talk about.

"That is part of the greatness of the tournament, but we have to focus on the task at hand. We are going to play a regular season champion, a tournament champion, someone that has been in the tournament before that is a fantastic three-point shooting team, a highly skilled team."

With Arizona being a one seed, it is apparent that each team in the region is going to be gunning for it, which is something that Miller does not seem to mind.

"I guess I have experienced it to a certain degree," Miller said. "At Xavier we were a three seed, a four seed. Even last year being the six seed, I think we were a very good six seed. We have been the hunted all year. We started very highly ranked as you guys know. In the preseason I think everybody wondered if we were worthy.

"Because we proved ourselves so early on, we were the number one team in the nation for eight weeks, so we know how that feels to go and play at Cal, at Stanford, at Oregon. Every place you go you have a heightened environment. Part of what I hope we have kind of become is battle tested through that.

"We've been against really good teams in hostile environments, we have been in close games, and we have been there and done that. That is why our focus has to be to play our best on Friday."

Arizona already seems to be part of a trendy upset pick should it advance to the third round and face Oklahoma State or Gonzaga.

"Last year most people thought we were going to lose to Belmont," Miller said. "When I was at Xavier, they thought we were located in Louisiana. It doesn't matter. The bottom line in what we do is you just win. It is not about talking and it is not about predicting.

"Unfortunately the people that predict, nobody ever holds them to their predictions. They then go on and make other predictions. It's an awesome job, you just kind of do it. If you're right, great, and if you're not, who cares just do it again.

"For us, if you win there is a big difference between a loss. We focus on what we can control and the emotional tie of it all can pull you in so many directions, so it is important for us to have our team the most ready we can be on Friday and if that is the case, let's go for it."

Miller's teams have never lost to a lower-seeded squad and the head coach is hoping that streak continues.

"I sure hope that streak continues because there will be a lot of good moments over the next three or four weeks," he said. "I think sometimes you can make too much of what has happened in the past.

"You just have to stay in the present. When you enter the tournament, you have to enter it with the single mindedness that it can be taken from you quickly and you have to be ready to go. Take nothing for granted.

"We're a number one seed and hopefully we can take advantage of that. If you just start looking at some of the teams that a number one seed plays in the first round or two, it is amazing the names of those teams. It just goes to show I don't know if there is much of a difference once you get in the tournament."

Some people believe that there is pressure with being a top seed, but Miller embraces Arizona's current standing.

"Now that it is the NCAA tournament and we are a one seed, that's good that we are a one seed," he said. "It's never bad and for us it is about playing to win. Be who we are and do what we do and let's go out there and try to be the best team we can be because we know Weber State is an unbelievable three-point shooting team and they are in the tournament for a reason, well coached, so let's be ready for them."

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