Weber State ready for challenge

Weber State knows it will have its hands full on Friday. Read on for Randy Rahe and his players' thoughts on the tournament, Arizona, and more.

Weber State is not going to downplay the fact that it is the underdog, but it is going to take the attitude that it will give Arizona its best shot.

"Arizona is obviously a prestigious program," Weber State coach Randy Rahe said. "They were number one for the most of the year and they have an outstanding team. That is what we want to do. We want to play the best.

"We're going to take a swing at them and see what happens. We will be excited to play and we're excited we're going to San Diego. It is a close trip and a good trip for our guys, so we're excited."

Weber State's best player is Davion Berry and he is excited about simply getting in the postseason.

"I'm just happy that we made the tournament," he said. "We get an opportunity to play in March and not every team gets to play around this time, especially make the tournament.

"I am excited for my team and Weber State that we are playing on Friday."

Berry is only familiar with Arizona from what he has seen on television, but is quick to turn the attention back to his own feelings of the tournament when asked about the opening game.

"I watch them on ESPN, of course they get the big time games," Berry said. "They are athletic and long, but we will be ready. That is what I have been dreaming of, to make the tournament.

"It is an exciting feeling and to go out in my senior year and make the tournament is an amazing feeling."

One player who has a unique perspective on Friday is forward Kyle Tresnak, who played his high school ball in Arizona.

"I'm from Arizona, so I am kind of excited," he said. "We have a lot of people already texting me that go to Arizona and will probably have a lot of people jawing at me for a while, but we will see how things go."

No matter how it does go, Weber State's Jordan Richardson feels he and his teammates will be up for the challenge.

"We will be ready to play," Richardson said. "We're not going to come out scared. We don't care about who we play, we're going to be ready for the matchup either way.

"We're playing great basketball right now and I feel we're playing our best basketball of the season. We have a young team, start a freshman, sophomore, and have two freshmen off the bench.

"But we have great senior leadership and confidence in our team, so we will be ready to play on Friday."

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