Neal excited to contribute

Davonte' Neal is excited to finally be able to get on the field. Read on for his thoughts on his role and much more.

Davonte' Neal's arrival at Arizona was met with open arms and after sitting out a year, he is now able to participate and prepare for actual action.

"It's an exciting experience so far," Neal said. "I am just happy to be able to contribute to the team."

Although he participated on the scout team last season, Neal also worked on individually getting better as well.

"I wanted to get better as an overall player," he said. "Just knowing the game, knowing the material and getting better at my craft. Working on my footwork and my hands so when the times does come for me to actually play, all that stuff is perfected and I can just worry about the little stuff."

Neal has been getting different looks and it appears he could be in line for some reps as a running back.

"I just want to do whatever helps the program," he said. "Coach Rod has me doing a little bit of running back stuff now. I think we are putting it in slowly but surely.

"I would love to help this team any way I can, whether that is lining up at running back or lining up at wide receiver."

There is plenty of intrigue for Neal at running back and it revolves around the fact that he would be able to likely get more touches.

"You can touch the ball," Neal said. "You are guaranteed to touch in the ball in the backfield, especially if it is a run play. You get the ball in your hands and get to make plays, which is what I want to do."

Neal admits his mindset is a bit different this season, but his overall approach will remain the same.

"It is a little different in my head knowing I am in the fold, but I am still going to approach practice the same way," Neal said. "I am going to give it my all and do whatever the coaches ask me to do and go out and have fun."

The Wildcats have plenty of talent at wide receiver, but Neal does not necessarily concern himself with the competition.

"One day at a time," he said of his approach. "You can only worry about what you do, you can't worry about what somebody else does. Obviously as a helper and leader I am going to help out when somebody needs it, but as far as me, just doing what I need to do to make myself better."

It is currently unknown as to which quarterback will be throwing to Neal, but he does not seem to mind.

"You're a receiver and as a receiver you catch the football," Neal said. "That is what you are taught to do and that is what you live for. As a receiver, I am just going to go out there and catch the ball. High ball, low ball, it doesn't matter. The quarterback is going to get us the ball and we're going to catch it."

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