Tezino wants to visit

Kyahva Tezino is one of Arizona's top targets for 2015. Read on to see how he feels about that and much more.

Los Angeles Bishop Mora Salesian linebacker Kyahva Tezino is one of Arizona's top targets in this class, so it is no surprise that the Wildcats are giving him plenty of attention.

"Recruiting is going good," Tezino said. "Arizona is a big deal for me because I have three teammates going there.

"Arizona is probably the school recruiting me the hardest, along with UCLA, Arizona State, and Miami."

Three of Tezino's high school teammates are attending Arizona next year and they want Tezino to come along with them.

"Jamardre and the guys recruit me every day and almost every time they see me," Tezino said. "They just want to know where I want to go and they are telling me everything about Arizona."

As of now, Tezino has his eyes set on visiting three schools, but is unsure of any exact dates.

"I know I want to visit Arizona, California, and Washington," Tezino said. "I am not sure when I will visit those, but I know I am definitely visiting the first two."

When Tezino does go on those visits, he has a good idea of what he will be looking for.

"I am just looking to feel at home when I visit the school," he said. "I want to know and feel that I belong."

Arizona is somewhat open as to which position it wants Tezino for, but there is one that he would prefer.

"Arizona wants me at linebacker, but they say I can probably play the rover," Tezino said. "I would probably prefer linebacker. I am quick as a linebacker. Some are not that quick, but I also play safety, so I can bring that speed and skills to the linebacker position."

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