Rahe recognizes challenge ahead

Randy Rahe acknowledges that it will be very difficult to defeat Arizona. Read on to see why that is, what he thinks of the UA's defense, and more.

Weber State head coach Randy Rahe is excited to be in the NCAA Tournament, especially considering that his team got off to a slow start.

"Obviously we're excited to be here," Rahe said. "I got a bunch of guys that we weren't good early in the season. We had a tough preseason schedule and we had a lot of young guys that were trying to get in the mix and so from where our team came from December to where we are now, I'm proud of them.

"They've made great improvements and they deserve to be here. They've earned the right and we're really excited about the challenge coming up."

Although Rahe is happy about where Weber State is at, he also realizes the challenge ahead.

"It's going to be a challenge," Rahe said. "They're impressive to watch. I've enjoyed watching them on film because of how well coached they are and how good they are together. It's a system I want to study when it's all said and done."

Defensively, Arizona poses easily the biggest challenge Weber State has seen this season. Thus, WSU has to make sure that it is taking the right shots.

"I would sure like to be able to guard like they guard," Rahe said. "What they have is high level athletes and high level ability. What you do is mix in great coaching with that, that's what Sean does with them, he's a fabulous coach and that combination, that's pretty special and that's where they are special. It's going to be a challenge.

"We can't hurry ourselves. We got to try to get the shot we want. This team has done a great job on shot selection and turning down an average shot for a good shot and this is going to be a challenge, but we're going to do what we have done all year long and hopefully we can make a couple of shots early to get some confidence going."

Weber State has embraced the fact that it is the underdog and a 16 seed has never beaten a one.

"No, we talked about it," Rahe said. "It's out there. I told our kids from day one when we found out we were playing Arizona, I said a 16 has never beat a 1 and it's going to happen someday. There have been some close calls and we'll see what happens tomorrow, but from our standpoint all you want is an opportunity to have a chance to do that and when you have opportunity, there is hope, and that's we're going to take into that game tomorrow.

"Our kids aren't going to be afraid. They're going to come out and play their game and see what happens. We don't hide from the fact, we don't run from the fact. They've heard it from probably 100 people between now and the last time we figured out we were going to play Arizona. It is what it is, let's go and see what happens."

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