Tarczewski expanding his game

Kaleb Tarczewski keeps expanding his game. Read on to see why he has developed a jump shot and more.

Kaleb Tarczewski seemingly improves every week and a lot of that has to do with the amount of work that he puts in.

One significant upgrade to his game is his jump shot, which he has been able to start hitting consistently and make a legitimate part of his game.

"That is something that I really focused on this summer," Tarczewski said. "I thought that I would be able to shoot out to 15 feet would help me in the post a little bit. I guess when we were playing early in the year I never felt like I had the freedom in the offense.

"Since Brandon got hurt, I had to take on a little bit more of a role on offense and I have been feeling comfortable with my shot. It has definitely been helping my game."

Not only has Tarczewski's skill set changed, but he is also a different player mentally as well.

"I feel like I almost a different person," he said. "I feel more comfortable. Obviously being a freshman, you have all this buzz going around and it is your first NCAA Tournament and all that stuff.

"It is kind of crazy. It's a lot at once. Being through it once before is really going to help me out and calm my nerves."

Although Arizona lost to UCLA in the final of the Pac-12 Tournament, the Wildcats were able to quickly move on.

"We have been working hard," Tarczewski said. "We are disappointed we lost to UCLA, but you have to give them credit. I think everybody is now focused on this game and what's to come in the tournament. We want to be prepared for this game, come out strong, and play our best basketball of the season."

Tarczewski is going to be able to have a better approach to the tournament this game and is hoping that the freshmen will be just fine in theirs.

"It is kind of something you have to experience," he said. "Just be prepared and the practices we have had for the last three days leading up to this are going to help us out a lot. We are going to go out and play as hard as we can and do the best that we can do."

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