Miller breaks down Weber State

Sean Miller had plenty to say about Weber State on Thursday. Read on for his thoughts on Arizona's opponent, how he is approaching being a favorite, and more.

Sean Miller has built up nearly every opponent this season and Thursday was no different, as Miller had plenty positive about Weber State.

"Playing against a very, very well coached Weber State team, a team that's not only a good team but they're a good program," Miller said. "A year ago they won 30 games. They're organized, they execute, they have a special skill where they can make 3 point shots from multiple positions and they have a good low post scorer who is a first team all-conference player.

"When you have Berry on the perimeter, a first team All Conference center, coupled with a good team, a good program, we have to be ready or we won't advance. It's that simple. So we have worked very hard over the last three or four days to hopefully be at our best tomorrow."

Miller has talked to his brother Archie about Friday's matchup, since Dayton actually played Weber State last season.

"A year ago Weber State played at UD arena," Miller said. "It's not an easy place for them to play and they went in there and won and I remember talking to him after the game and my brother was impressed with how they executed and their style.

"I see that, as we have watched them over the last four or five days. They have a true system, you can tell they believe in their system and they don't beat themselves.

"Again, they're well coached and organized and you're always scared when you see those seniors and they have a couple of seniors that led them to the Big Sky championship and when you have seniors on your team it's really to your advantage."

Weber State also has some strengths defensively, which is something that Miller touched on.

"Well, they're very disciplined, they play man to man," Miller said. "I guess they could show a 2 3 zone, but predominantly man to man and you can tell they take a lot of pride in defending the 3 point shot.

"Last year and this year if you combine them, I think they're one of the tops in the nation in defending the 3 point shot both in attempts and percentage. So you can tell they have an emphasis to get out toward shooters. We're probably a little bit bigger physically, but they do a good job on that side of the ball as well."

In order for Arizona to put forth its best game, Miller feels that its approach needs to be the same as it is every game.

"I think one of the keys for us tomorrow is, you know, we can't get caught up in our seed versus the seed that we're playing," Miller said. "This is a basketball game in the NCAA Tournament, and what we have talked a lot about is that we're trying to be a good team tomorrow.

"How can we play our best? What are the things that we need to make sure we have cleaned up coming into this tournament?

"We want to execute on offense and defense and most importantly we want to play with amazing energy and effort. In the NCAA Tournament, a team who plays with energy and effort goes a long way and we want to be that team. So whether we're up 2 0, down 2 0, get off to a quick start or not, somewhere in that 40 minute game it's in there and hopefully we can be the better team."

While it is true that no number one seed has ever lost to a 16 seed, it is something that Miller has not taken time to discuss.

"We're not going to overlook them, you don't have to worry about that," Miller said. "If you're the 1 seed, you don't want to talk about the fact that that's never happened, you know? There is nothing good that's going to come out of that conversation. Everybody in our locker room knows the history of the NCAA Tournament, whether you as the coach want them to know it or not.

"What starts to happen, you know, you make a shot and all of the sudden you feel like it counts for three points not two, or, you make too many things bigger than you need to. Again, for us, the process of playing well, what is it that has gotten us to 30 4, why are we a one seed, what are the things we do well?

"We have to do those things well tomorrow, period. The seed and the team, Weber State they're a 16 seed or something else, I don't know that that's important in terms of how they he execute, and we know we're playing a very, very good team."

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