Rahe impressed with Arizona

Weber State coach randy Rahe had nothing but good things to say about Arizona after the loss. Read on for his thoughts on the UA defense and much more.

No matter what school you were rooting for on Friday, it is hard to deny that Weber State gave more than a solid effort in its loss to Arizona.

"Proud of our guys," Weber State coach Randy Rahe said. "It hurts because believe it or not, not a lot of you probably thought that, but we came in expecting to win, trying to win. The guys did a tremendous job. I thought they got up on us by 20. I thought we could have pulled in the tents and our guys got a little more tough and showed resilience like they have all year.

"That's one heck of a basketball team out there, Arizona. They've got great team, great talent, great coaching, they have it all. But we put our guys in a position to get it coming down the stretch and that's what we asked them to do. I couldn't be prouder of the team."

Weber State was able to make some adjustments offensively, but it was not enough. After the game, Rahe was quick to praise Arizona's defensive effort.

"We adjusted a couple of things off ball screens that we do and I think that helped," he said. "We got Dave in there, and they started doubling (Kyle) Tresnak right off in the post and we knew they would, we prepared for it and it was tough to get Tres looks and their double team is so hard. It's tough.

"They're athletic in there, they're long, and I think once the guys figured out and got a sense of how long and athletic they were, we didn't drive it in there so deep and we did a couple of other things to maybe not get the ball so deep to the rim.

"I thought our guys made a nice adjustment on that, but that team can really, really guard. That's the best defensive team I've faced since I've been at Weber. They're outstanding. They don't make mistakes and they're so well coached and that's going to propel them into a long run in the tournament."

In fact, Arizona's defense was so strong that it hurt Weber State's defense because of the energy spent on offense.

"It's hard to get shots against them," Rahe said. "We burned a lot of energy down there trying to get shots and screening and moving and cutting and I think it's natural, we had to work really hard. That's what great defense does. It will dishearten your team and I think at times it did that to us a little bit.

"It disheartened our team and we couldn't make shots and it's hard to stay juiced up and when we made that run and that push, we made some baskets, all of the sudden we got the juice up on defense and that's how we made a run. I'm telling you, they're hard to score on, man. They can really guard you."

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