Arizona's biggest challenge is itself

Aaron Gordon feels that Arizona's challenge goes beyond Gonzaga. Read on to see why he feels that way, the key to advancing, and more.

Aaron Gordon has faced his fair share of solid post players this season, but you can make an argument that not many are better than what he will see on Sunday.

"Their high low is pretty good," Gordon said. "They are two big bodies and Sam Dower is a very capable shooter. Przemek Karnowski is a very skilled big man. He's big. It's going to be a challenge for Kaleb and I think he is going to step up to the task."

Gonzaga poses an issue because it has numerous players that can hurt the opposition on a given night. As far as Gordon is concerned, the Wildcats are the same way.

"I would like to think that our team is like that as well," he said. "Not only do we have to stop them, but they have to stop us as well.

"They're a good basketball team and they wouldn't be here if they weren't. We will be ready to play."

Gonzaga's better defensively than it has been in the past, but it is still no secret that its ability on offense is what makes it so dangerous.

"I guess the biggest challenge is to chase them off the line," Gordon said. "You have to close out with high hands even when you think you are there they will still shoot the ball. Also, boxing out. Getting the defensive rebound is part of defense.

"They can go inside and out, two bigs, couple of shooters and very heady guards. I think it will be an elite basketball game and I am ready to go, but I am not intimidated and I am ready to play."

After Arizona's win over Weber State, Sean Miller noted that he felt the Wildcats opened up a little tight because of nerves. Now that the first game is over, Gordon feels that he and his teammates are over that.

"I think so," Gordon said. "It was the first game of the tournament. I know I am ready to go and I think once the ball is tipped I will be ready to play and win this game."

Once that ball is tipped, what will the biggest challenge be?

"Our biggest challenge is playing Arizona basketball for 40 minutes," Gordon said. "I think that's what it's about. We can't let five minutes go by where we are just coasting. We need to play 40 minutes and dominate."

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