Target nothing new for Johnson

Nick Johnson believes Arizona has had a target on its back the entire season. Read on to see how he feels about that and much more.

Arizona is a number one seed for the first time since Nick Johnson has arrived and the junior guard admits the feeling is different this time around.

"It's a little different than last year," Johnson said. "As far as being targeted and stuff like that, we've been dealing with that all year. Seems like every single team gives us their best shot.

"You can see that same team probably a week later and they're not playing nearly as hard and stuff like that. Pretty much all year has prepared us as a team for what we're going to get here. So we've dealt with it pretty good all year, just have to continue doing that."

Johnson actually played Gonzaga a few years ago and there are still a few remaining members of that team.

Like that team, this year's Gonzaga squad has plenty of talent that can make it dangerous in numerous areas.

"They're just well disciplined," Johnson said. "They run their stuff, obviously can shoot the ball and with Dower and Przemek Karnowski, those two are big down low. They've been playing really well as of late.

"Obviously you have Gary Bell and Kevin Pangos shooting the ball and David Stockton running the point. They are very well disciplined, they play hard and together and it's definitely going to be a tough game for us."

Johnson obviously won't be guarding the post, but he is confident in his teammates' ability to do so.

"Kaleb has been stepping his game up and the part of the reason is because he's hitting his 15 footer.," Johnson said. "He's able to step away from the basketball and hit that shot, so it opens up a post game for him.

"They can't double down as much when we're shooting the ball a little bit better. As far as that match up, I think it's going to be a good one. Two 7 footers, banging the post down low. I'm just hoping our big can come out on top."

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