Few considers Arizona premier program

On Saturday Mark Few called Arizona a premier program in the west. Read on to see what else he said about the Wildcats, Sunday's game, and more.

Mark Few took the podium on Saturday and had nothing but positive things to say about the Arizona squad Gonzaga will be facing on Sunday.

"We're happy to still be playing, still together as a team and, you know, looking forward to battling the Cats," Few said. "We have tremendous respect for them. I think it's been the two premiere programs out west for a handful of years now. It's been Yo-Yoing back and forth.

"Just so impressed with the job that Sean has done this year and navigating his way through the number one ranking for so long and dealing with the significant injury to Ashley and still staying on top. We know we got our work cut out for us but, you know, my guys are battlers."

Sam Dower struggled against Oklahoma State and Gonzaga's front court as a whole will need a much better effort on Sunday.

"They need to play very, very good," Few said. "That's pretty simple, but the funny thing about Sam, is he just kind of plays. He falls into shots and I've learned, it took me probably four and a third years, but I've learned to just kind of let him play. He will find his 15 footers, 18 footers, a pick and pop here, a drive here, occasional post up, but when I start trying to direct him to be in the post and duck in to things like that it doesn't suit him as well.

"Przemek is in a good place. It will be a tough match up, because I don't know that we've faced this size, you know, in bulk and strength and athleticism, yet this year. I'm trying to think, but I don't know that they've faced somebody like Przemek, either, he's a big man. It will be a battle."

Few is aware of how Arizona likes to attack the post defensively and is hoping that his team can turn it into an opportunity.

"Arizona likes to double the post a lot, so I don't know statistically how it will play out, but hopefully we can play off those guys, too, and hopefully generate some offense by throwing it into him and inviting a double and seeing if we can play off that, too," he said.

Miller and Few have had plenty of communication throughout the years and Few says a lot of that has to do with how he feels about the Wildcats.

"I think he's just done an unbelievable job from where that thing was when it opened up and he took the job," Few said. "You know, to where it is now. And they do a great job out there recruiting. They're pretty relentless, but yet, you know, they do it the right way.

"I have a ton of respect for them in that regard. We've had some battles, but usually they pick their guys early and do a nice job of closing it down early."

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