Tarczewski taking it one game at a time

After defeating Gonzaga on Sunday night, Kaleb Tarczewski says the Wildcats are taking it one game at a time. read on to see why that is and much more.

After the game against Weber State, Arizona knew that it had to come out focused against a much better Gonzaga team.

On Sunday, it did just that.

"It's the tournament and we have to take it one game at a time," Kaleb Tarczewski said. "I think we did a good job of focusing and coming out strong and playing to our advantage instead of theirs."

Arizona forced Gonzaga to turn it over 21 times and it seemed that the Bulldogs had instances where they had no idea what to do against a Wildcats' defense that it had not seen before.

"I think it is definitely imposing," Tarczewski said. "When we are in that first four minute war, we're playing great defense, I think it might be a shock. It is definitely our goal every game to come out as strong as we can."

Arizona was able to get 31 points off turnovers and the offense was seemingly at its best when it was able to get out and run.

"When we lock in on defense and force turnovers it is tough to stop us," Tarczewski said. "We are so quick in transition and I think that is really when we are at our best."

In fact, Arizona's defense led to so many offensive opportunities that Tarczewski could not help but crack a smile.

"We caused a lot of turnovers and when we can force turnovers and push it, get lobs, and fast break points, it breaks the opponent's back," he said.

"You almost just want to smile the whole time you are out there. When you get in a flow on defense, it kind of leads into offense and our defense is what really makes this team special. Tonight we did that."

Now attention turns to Thursday's Sweet 16 matchup with San Diego State, thus Arizona will not take much time in enjoying its win over Gonzaga.

"From here on out every game is the most important game," Tarczewski said. "We kind of looked at it like that the whole season. I think this is a great victory for us and we are happy for it, but this is just the beginning of the tournament.

"It's definitely not the ultimate goal. We are focused on taking it one game at a time. We are very focused on what we need to do and kind of make it a smaller picture, not a bigger picture."

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