Preparation pays off for Wildcats

Gabe York feels that Arizona was more prepared to play Gonzaga. Read on to see how that preparation paid off on Sunday and more.

Going into Sunday's game against Gonzaga, Gabe York felt that it would be a difficult matchup.

However, he also felt that he and his teammates would be ready.

"We knew Gonzaga was a great team, but we also knew what our game plan was from the start and I think we came out and we were so prepared for this game," York said.

"Coach did a great job of preparing us and we were definitely ready and it showed tonight."

Arizona's preparation was no more evident than it was on defense, where the Wildcats controlled the entire game.

"I know I always say it, but we are the number one defensive team in the country for a reason," York said. "It definitely showed more tonight than it does on most nights.

"They are great players. I just give all the credit to our defense. Nick did a great job of defending Gary Bell for most of the game and it was a team effort.

"If Nick got dribbled by or something, someone was there to help him. I was in the gap or Jordin Mayes was in the gap. Everyone was playing basketball together defensively."

In addition, York feels that the way the offense was able to click was a big reason for the win.

"Plus, the unselfishness of our team, going down if it is a three on two, nobody is going to be selfish enough to take it by themselves," he said.

"They are going to take one or two passes to get the most wide open shot."

York did not want to say if the effort against Weber State had anything to do with what happened on Sunday, but he admits that Arizona may have been a bit more focused.

"I just think we were more ready to play tonight," he said. "I think the jitters were out and we were just playing basketball again. I think for some guys it was their first NCAA Tournament game against Weber and they were a little nervous. Tonight we settled in and we were ready to play and knew what to expect."

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