Wildcats hit all cylinders in win

Arizona found success on both sides of the ball on Sunday night. Read on to see what Nick Johnson had to say about how the Wildcats played, San Diego State, and more.

Late in Sunday's win over Gonzaga, Nick Johnson found T.J. McConnell for a three and was running back on defense just as it left his hands.

It was that kind of night for the Wildcats.

"We played hard and hit shots throughout the game and that's me having confidence in him to hit the shot because we've taken that shot so many times in practice and workouts and stuff like that," Johnson said. "I knew it was going in."

Arizona's offense was at its best on Sunday night due in large part to what it was able to get done in transition.

Throughout the season, the offense has been criticized, but Johnson is quick to not take that criticism to heart.

"We don't take offense to that," Johnson said. "We know we can shoot the ball and play good offense. I think over the past weeks we've been playing our best offense as well as defense.

"We're just trying to do what we do, you know, stay confident in our guys to hit shots and everything. I think we have shown over these past few weeks that we can do both."

Still, Arizona's identity is on defense and Johnson was able to completely shut down one of Gonzaga's best scorers in Gary Bell.

"They're a team that's on TV a lot, so we know most of their players," Johnson said. "Coach and the staff are so great with diagramming their plays and letting us know what they do underneath, out of bounds, and stuff like that. I knew he was trying to be aggressive, so I just tried to limit his good looks."

Attention now turns to San Diego State and Johnson has plenty of respect for a team that the Wildcats defeated early in the season.

"Definitely they are a great team," he said. "We had a battle with them here early on in the season and we came out victorious, but they have grown a lot since then, as have we. We're going to get the scouting report and scout for them.

"They're a good defensive team. They've had a number of good wins this year and they're rolling right now. We're pretty familiar with them, but we are going to fine tune some details."

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