Wildcats show toughness in win

Arizona showed toughness in its win over San Diego State on Thursday. Read on to see what Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has to say about that and more.

If there was any doubt about Arizona's toughness, that was put to an end on Thursday night with the way the Wildcats were able to take San Diego State's best bench and bounce back.

"They're a great team and they play hard," Rondae Hollis-Jefferson said. "We just had to come out tough. They came out a little tougher than us on the offensive side, grabbing rebounds, tips. It was hard.

"We could tell it was hard, so we had to come in the locker room and talk about it. Coach told us what we had to do to make changes on and that is what we did in the second half. "

Arizona's biggest adjustment may have been its offense in the second half, as it had consistent success.

"We were just more focused and played more aggressively trying to get in and around and feed Kaleb a little bit more," Hollis-Jefferson said. "When we feed Kaleb it opens up our outside shots and it opens up drives."

The Aztecs were able to get as much as an eight-point lead, but the Wildcats never seemed to get rattled.

"We just stayed poised," Hollis-Jefferson said. "We know basketball is a game of runs. They are going to make a run and we are going to make a run, that is just how basketball is, but if you can stay poised and control it good enough, you will be fine. "

That poise went beyond Hollis-Jefferson, as Nick Johnson was able to bounce back from what can only be described as an awful start to the game.

"Nick is a great player and he is our leader," Hollis=Jefferson said. "He's got me, Aaron, and other guys that can help him when he is not on fire, but once he starts going, it is hard to beat us. It was a tremendous last three minutes and him making all of those free-throws in a row is hard with all of that pressure on your back.

"When he was struggling, he was still trying to motivate us and tell us that we still have a chance. He was being a leader and that is what leaders do." Whether Arizona won or lost, Hollis-Jefferson knew at the end of the game that the Wildcats did everything they could.

"This is what we live for," he said. "We play basketball and we wake up to do this. We go out there and play our best and whatever happens, happens."

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