Arizona's confidence never wavered

Arizona's confidence never wavered despite struggling at times. Read on to see why Gabe York says that is and more.

Arizona struggled at times on Thursday and there were moments in which a lot of people like questioned if the Wildcats would be moving on.

However, Gabe York was not one of those people.

"When you are in the game, you are thinking about the next play or what is going to happen next for us," York said. "It is never the end until you see three zeros on the clock."

York was part of one of the most crucial points of the game when there was a few minutes left and Nick Johnson finally got his first points of the night.

"When T.J. got that steal and I saw him dive on the floor, I started running through and I saw Nick behind me, so I just gave him a little pass and he hit it," York said. "T.J. started screaming and yelling and his intensity picked up and that picked up all our intensity as well."

Johnson looked like he was about to put together one of the worst performances of his career, but he never seemed to lose confidence and his teammates stuck with him.

"At the end of the day he is shooting the next shot," York said. "That is the most important thing as a scorer, if the ball does not go in, if you are one for eleven, still shoot the next one because that could be the biggest play of the game. His three was obviously the biggest play of the game for us.

"It was tough. All game long we struggled offensively, we struggled with defensive rebounding. It was a grind it out game and I think the way Nick stepped up in the last four or five minutes, it goes to show how good of a team we are and we have the utmost confidence in our team."

Arizona's confidence was a big reason for its success and it also allowed the Wildcats to remain balanced throughout a majority of the game.

"We grinded everything out," York said. "That is all I can really say. We played basketball tonight. The press they played after a made field goal sort of rattled us for the first few minutes of the first half, but we got used to it and started moving the ball around and started just playing basketball."

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