Miller's intensity catching on

Nick Johnson believes Arizona has the personality of its coach. Read on to see his expand on that, his thoughts on the Badgers, and more.

It's often said that a team's personality comes from its coach, thus it is no surprise that Arizona tends to show intensity every game.

"He brings it every game," Nick Johnson said of Sean Miller. "He presents you with a challenge and if we are not playing well or the other team is playing harder, just trying to fire us up a little bit and we have a challenge to prove him wrong sometimes or prove him right. It is definitely a plus."

Johnson expects nothing different for the Wisconsin game, including the one player that seems to take the brunt of Miller's coaching passion.

"He is going to fiery just like he always is," Johnson said. "That feisty coach that gets up in your face. I am expecting that and nothing different from him.

"Coach was that bulldog of a player when he played and I think what brings it out the most for him is seeing that similar player to him and it's T.J. He's definitely a passionate coach."

That passion is going to have to carry over against a strong Wisconsin team and the difference between winning and losing will likely be on the defensive side of the ball.

"From the start we are going to try to contest all of their shots," Johnson said. "We know they are going to make some, we're not going to pitch a shutout, but just make them take tough shots and stay with them on defense."

There is not much reason for Arizona to be familiar with Wisconsin, but Johnson says that the Wildcats already know a good deal about the Badgers.

"They shoot the ball excellent from all five positions," he said. "We have watched them throughout the year on T.V., so we are pretty familiar with their personnel.

"Just starting with that and they have a great shooter at the five, sixth man of the year in the Big 10, so being aware of that and conscious of where everybody is on the floor."

Should Arizona win, Johnson will have accomplished one of the goals he has had since growing up.

"It would be a lifelong dream," he said. "I have been watching the tournament for as long as I can remember. Just a great experience for myself, my team, my family, the University. That has been our goal ever since we put together this team, so it would be good to see it through."

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