Gordon keeps perspective after loss

Aaron Gordon was disappointed with Saturday's loss to Wisconsin, but also put it in perspective. read on to see what he said about losing, moving forward, and more.

Aaron Gordon likely played his final college game on Saturday night, yet his perspective on the situation was almost as good as it could be.

"There's tragedy happening every day in the world, people getting in car crashes and things like that so to be sad about this or overly sad about this, you have to think about how you should be grateful about how your life is now and health," Gordon said. "It's just basketball. It's not a tragedy, losing a basketball game isn't a tragedy."

Despite only being minutes from the loss, Gordon was able to look back on the season and take positives from it.

"You can look back at the game and be regretful, but then again you can look over the course of our season," he said. "We only had five losses and the rest were wins. Went to the NIT and won that, had a great season, and one of the all-time greats in Arizona history if I don't say so myself."

Still, Gordon can't help but to be disappointed at the way the loss played out.

"Pretty much like after any loss," Gordon said of the locker room. "Real dismal, real dreary. There's things that we could have done different during the game. A couple of calls did not go our way, a couple of balls didn't bounce our way, but that is how basketball goes and that's sports in general."

"Coach Miller is an amazing person and knows how to keep our heads up and knows how to keep our spirits up. I am just disappointed the ball did not bounce our way this time."

With the season over, the focus will soon turn to Gordon's next step and he says that there is a process he will go through before making a decision.

"I have a great family and a great foundation, so I am going to talk to a few people and see how that goes and make an educated decision," Gordon said.

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