Ashley looking forward to next season

Brandon Ashley is already looking forward to next season. Read on to see what he says about his injury, future, and more.

During Arizona's run in the NCAA Tournament, you couldn't help but notice Brandon Ashley on the bench cheering on his teammates.

There will be questions of what could have been and it would have been somewhat understandable if Ashley found the tournament too tough to watch in person.

Instead, he decided to approach it head on for the simple reason of owing it to his teammates that supported him throughout the season.

"When I first got hurt I had the normal feelings of being a little sad and all that stuff, thinking about what could have been and all that good stuff, but being around the team has helped me so much," Ashley said.

"Everybody is uplifting my spirits and everything, so when they did that for me I could only try to return the favor and cheer as hard as I can on the sideline."

There was an initial period of feeling sad for himself, especially considering the irony of the entire situation.

"Honestly it probably took me about a week before I even had the surgery and I was sitting and was just saying ‘Damn'," Ashley said. "The ironic part is that I go home for the first time in my college career and that's what happens, but it happened and I just had to move past it."

It was Ashley's first major injury and one that he says he never saw coming.

"I still kind of go back and forth sometimes where I think if that really happened, because you never think it is going to happen to you," Ashley said. "You go through your entire life and you never experience a big injury and then it hits you."

Ashley has been working on some of his teammates to return and believes that adding them to the class coming in could make Arizona a title contender.

"We are bringing in Stanley Johnson, Craig Victor, Parker Jackson-Cartwright and Dusan Ristic," Ashley said. "I am really excited for next year and adding those guys to who we have coming back.

"I think everybody kind of knows if they come back we will have a good chance at a National Championship. Stanley has been saying that a whole lot and same with Craig and all those guys."

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