No separation among quarterbacks

Rich Rodriguez says that there is no separation in the quarterback competition. Read on to see what else he says about his quarterbacks and more.

Similar to last season, Arizona is going through spring practice without a starting quarterback.

On Saturday, Arizona held a closed scrimmage and Rich Rodriguez says that he was happy with the progress shown.

"I thought as a group that was their best day, but today it wasn't as good," Rodriguez said Monday.

"They are a very conscientious group and when I ask them questions they give me the right answers, but it is five practices and I am going to keep putting them under the gun until I can get some sense of order."

Ideally, Rodriguez would like to see the quarterback competition take some shape in the next week or so.

"I am repping seven now and I have nine scheduled in the fall," he said. "I can't rep nine equally in the fall, so I will pare it down as much as I can.

"If I don't know the top three or four or have a particular order, I will keep repping until we get that order."

With so many quarterbacks competing, it would make sense if there were even three that had separated from the pack, but that is not the case.

However, Rodriguez says that it is actually a good thing.

"I would say one through five is pretty bunched up right now," he said. "I have tried to rotate them through there like that. I thought by now there would be a little more separation, but there really hasn't been.

"My biggest thing is that if they are all getting better and good enough to where we can win with them, that's a great problem."

From a fan's perspective it seems that every quarterback brings something to the table, but that is not necessarily the case.

"I have seen them all make the same kind of strides," Rodriguez said. "They are really all more similar than you think and that has been one reason why we haven't had a lot of separation."

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