Jackson-Cartwright remains optimistic

Parker Jackson-Cartwright was disappointed with Arizona's loss in the Elite Eight, but remains optimistic. Read on for his thoughts on the loss, his future role, and more.

Like all UA fans, incoming basketball recruit Chatsworth (Calif.) Sierra Canyon Parker Jackson-Cartwright was disappointed by the outcome of last weekend's Elite Eight loss, but he is nonetheless more excited than ever about the direction of the program.

"The game was obviously tough, but that is sometimes what happens in the tournament," Jackson-Cartwright said. "They were still a play away from reaching the Final Four. They've been close in the past though and you know soon they are going to break through.

"There are just too many talented hard-working guys coming in and these are guys that are working to get the program to the next level."

There are numerous reasons why Jackson-Cartwright is optimistic, but Sean Miller is the biggest one of all.

"I've talked about it before, but I absolutely love Coach Miller and the whole staff," he said. "They're the reason I'm coming and that hasn't changed at all.

"I feel playing for a point guard and good guy like Coach Miller will benefit me in the future. He is a coach who really understands the game and I think he can get me to that next level."

Jackson-Cartwright is enthused to improve his game while also getting to know Miller better.

"Besides being a great coach he's also a really good guy and I think he will be an important part of my future.

"He likes my game, because on the court I just try to make everybody else better and I go into each game trying to set guys up to make plays. I'm always working on my game and strength and playing under his guidance will help me a lot."

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