Brewer trying to impress

Connor Brewer is trying to impress the coaches enough to start. Read on for his mindset in the competition and more.

Connor Brewer was the quarterback for the Scout team last season and is now excited about having the opportunity to compete for the starting job.

"It's a blessing," Brewer said. "After sitting out a year, really two because I didn't play that year at Texas, I have just been waiting for it and dreaming about it.

"To finally get out here and show coach what I can do and start playing is my favorite time and I love being out here and competing."

This is not the first time the coaching staff has seen him throw competitively, but Brewer admits this season has a different feel to it.

"You can still impress," Brewer said. "Last year wasn't for nothing. You are going against a defense and if you are throwing great passes, sometimes the defensive coaches would tell the other coaches.

"Obviously I was trying to impress them over there, but now it is a whole new deal."

In addition, Brewer is seemingly getting more meaningful reps.

"When you are on the Scout team you are going 24/7 all the time against a defense," he said. "With all of these quarterbacks out here, the coaches are trying to get everybody reps.

"Sometimes you don't get as many as you can, but you get more quality reps and the coaches can see what you are doing with the offense."

Brewer's job is made a bit easier by the fact that he is familiar with Davonte Neal and Cayleb Jones.

Those two are not the only good receivers on the team, however, and the current situation is a quarterback's dream.

"I have thrown to them before and probably know their timing a little better than the other quarterbacks, but I still had to learn everybody else," Brewer said. "I am excited to keep building relationships and impress the coaches.

"When you have such good wide receivers it makes your job so much easier. It's like having a great running back like Ka'Deem last year, it takes a lot of pressure off everybody.

"We have some great receivers and we have great coaches calling great plays, so I think everybody is going to be toughing the ball and be happy this year."

Rich Rodriguez has a reputation for being the hardest on his signal callers, but Brewer embraces the attitude.

"I would rather have a coach yelling at me than maybe just sitting back and pull me off to the side," he said. "It can get in your head, but I have been around coaches in my years that yell and are loud, but I embrace it. I want to hear that and if I am not hearing that, maybe the coach has given up on me."

Brewer is still fighting to see what his role on this season's team will be, but he does not plan on being on the bench.

"My mentality is that I came here not to sit out," Brewer said. "I came here to compete and play. Whatever the role the coaches want me to do, I am going to do and go all out and give it my all."

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