Bruno glad to participate

Luca Bruno had to sit out the majority of last season due to issues with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Read on to see how he feels knowing he is now cleared, in the midst of a competition, and more.

Luca Bruno is glad to be a part of spring practice after he had to sit out a good chunk of last season due to NCAA Clearinghouse issues.

"It's amazing," Bruno said. "Pretty much it was killing me. I wanted to play as much as I could, but since I got back I have been trying as much as I could to get back."

While sitting out, Bruno was able to get a unique perspective on his teammates and the college game.

"There's a lot of good guys out here that try as hard as they can," Bruno said. "Watching from the sideline I see all of the hard work that they put in and it is kind of amazing to be a part of this program. Now that I am cleared I am a part of that hard work."

Bruno lost some weight when sitting out last season and that has caused a slight position change.

"They moved me from nose to strong side tackle," he said. "It had to kind of do with my weight. I dropped down to 260, but it fits me a lot better. I was an end in high school, so once I get my form down I think it will be a perfect position.

"I am definitely working on getting more weight. I am eating a lot and more Muscle Milk. If I am going to stay at tackle, they want me at 275 or 280, still around nose weight. Three front is all still big guys, so that's what they want me at."

As Bruno goes through spring ball, his biggest goal is to improve.

That process will include some mistakes, but the lineman believes that he can't make too many.

"My mentality is to play and get better," Bruno said. "I need to go in the weight room a lot more and get stronger and get my bench up. A lot of technical stuff and form is something that Jerod Cody and I need to work on a lot more.

"I feel you could make mistakes in spring, but if you keep making that same mistake over and over, that does affect your playing time. They are not going to put up with you if you keep making the same mistake, so that is what spring is all about, just getting better."

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