Grant confident in his abilities

Samajie Grant is confident in his ability to contribute. Read on to see why, his thoughts on competition, and more.

Samajie Grant knows that the wide receiver competition is loaded this season and is putting the pressure to succeed on himself.

"I know I am good enough to play and if I don't play that's my problem," Grant said. "It just shows me that if I don't play, it was my fault."

Grant's thought process has not changed since last season, but he also knows what is in store for him.

"It's not a different mentality, but I know I have to work even harder than I did last year," Grant said. "It is kind of like a gift because they are here and they are going to push me to work even harder and keep getting better."

There may be an added benefit for Grant, as he is one of the receivers that actually saw the field last season.

"Hard work is what I took away from last year," Grant said. "That is all Coach Dews preached to us last year.

"He was about working hard, sprinting every single play, no walking, and no jogging. That is what I took in the most."

Rich Rodriguez has been hard on the offense at time this spring, but Grant understands why.

"He's gets mad because we are never supposed to practice slow," Grant said. "If he sees that we are trying and going fast, he does not get mad. It is when he feels that we are not giving it our best that he gets upset."

In addition to the competition at receiver, grant is also indirectly involved with the battle at quarterback.

"I like the fact that there are different quarterbacks, because there are different looks," Grant said. "It gives me the opportunity to see a different ball.

"Some quarterbacks throw harder, some quarterbacks throw different, so at any time of the game if there is a messed up ball or something I can react to it because I am used to all sorts of throws."

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