Lockwood looking for consistency

Cornerbacks coach David Lockwood is looking for consistency. Read on for his thoughts on the depth chart, competition, and more.

Cornerbacks coach David Lockwood is working to make sure that his players are ready for the upcoming season, but there is still a ways to go.

"Saturday we did not perform like we are capable of performing and I think that was more of a mental deal," Lockwood said. "It got a little warm out there, first time in the stadium with full pads on. I think the guys responded with no pads on, but you should do that.

"We have to do it with the pads on when it is time to step up in the big house when the lights come on. Saturday we did not do that. Coming out of Saturday I was a little discouraged because some guys had not played and we were looking to give them a shot and they did not respond. That is why it is spring practice, so we have more opportunities to get better."

With only a few practices remaining, Lockwood spoke to the corners and asked them to make sure they are focused on the goal at hand.

"I told all of them, especially the seniors, to take one or two things out of these next five practices and try to perfect them and get better," Lockwood said. "We can't try to do everything, but you have to pick one or two things that you have been struggling with or need to improve and concentrate on getting better at those."

The biggest competition at corner is likely the one to replace Shaquille Richardson and Lockwood says that is a while away from being completed.

"Nothing yet," Lockwood said. "Thank God we don't play until August. It is an open spot and we have to see how guys do the rest of the spring. The key is now with only five practices left, what they do from spring to when we report to camp. How much they work and what are they willing to put into it."

In addition, the ideal situation at corner would be that more players step up to create a better depth chart.

"It's one of those things where we are going into the third season numbers wise, there are going to be some younger guys that are going to have to play when you would like it the other way around," Lockwood said.

"Get some guys that redshirt and play four or five years and you really see the difference. Thankfully it is still spring practice and we don't play until the fall."

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