April 3 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media earlier this week. Read on to see a few notes about the running backs, quarterbacks, and more.

  • One of Arizona's fiercest competitions is at running back and right now there is no separation.

    "It is just like quarterbacks in that it is a very fluid situation," Rich Rodriguez said. "Right now Terris Jones is the veteran and he has had a pretty good spring.

    "The young guys have gotten better, whether it is Zachary Green or Pierre Cormier, but we are still waiting on Jonathan Haden and some other guys coming in. That is as open as any position we have."

  • With the talent at wide receiver, Rodriguez is looking forward to getting his best players the ball and having better depth.

    "We do a little bit of adjusting," he said. "Obviously you want to sort out whoever is the best in the open field because you want to get them the ball in different ways.

    "We will probably have the best rotation of guys we have had since I have been here. Instead of playing just five or six receivers, we want to be able to play eight or nine and move them in different positions."

  • Connor Brewer will be the first to admit that he looked early and often for Cayleb Jones since they have worked together before.

    "The first few practices Connor was looking for him all the time whether he was open or not," Rodriguez said. "I think that was his comfort zone, but I think now it is more system oriented. Connor is reading the defense and Cayleb is still learning too.

    "I have been proud of the older guys, I think they have taken another step towards getting better too. I think all the competition we have is helping."

  • Earlier in the week, Rodriguez said that the quarterback competition does not have any separation, but that does not seem to be a worry.

    "It's obviously an issue when you have so many, trying to give them reps," Rodriguez said. "If I didn't think they were progressing enough, I would have to narrow it down, but because I think they are all getting better, it is working out okay.

    "There's not been a great separation and I don't expect in four practices there will be a while lot more, but I suspect at the end of August camp it will clear up for sure."

  • Jerrard Randall is another quarterback in the middle of the competition and his early performance has gone as expected.

    "He has a cannon for an arm and he can run, but right now everything is a cloud," Rodriguez said. "For his first spring he is learning pretty well, but he's the last one to the party so to speak because he has only been here for a few months. He has gotten better and he will be in the mix too."

  • Arizona has some depth at corner and it will allow the defense to change up a bit.

    "I think they have gotten bigger, stronger," Rodriguez said of the cornerbacks. "With our defense what you saw was what you got as far as coverage wise.

    "We didn't have the confidence or ability to move and disguise and change things up a little bit and I think we will be able to do that a little bit this fall."

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