Michalczik looking for improvement

Offensive line coach Jim Michalczik is happy with Arizona's progress, but wants to see more. Read on to see what he wants to see more of specifically, which younger player is impressing, and other thoughts.

Arizona offensive line coach Jim Michalczik is happy with the progress of the line, but always wants to see it improve.

"It's a position where you're always trying to get better," Michalczik said. "If you're not good, you want to get good. If you're good, you want to get great.

"There's always things you can work on. With a week left I look at it as that we have made great strides this spring, especially fundamentally. We want to keep doing that, get to playing with a little bit more power, little bit more leverage, little more explosion and get them set up to where they can take it into the summer time and work on things themselves."

The line returns players like Fabbians Ebbele and Mickey Baucus, which helps create stability.

"I think it is really important to get that senior leadership," Michalczik said. "In their case you want to raise their game up and sometimes with seniors that's a little bit harder to do.

"They think they have been there and done it, so we are going to coach them and work with them to get their game better.

"That's the key too. If you're a first-year freshman or 10-year NFL veteran, there's things you can do to make yourself better, and if you don't do those things, then someone is going to pass you."

There is one area in particular where Michalczik would like to see the most improvement.

"We have to continue to get stronger," he said. "We're not at the level where we want to be. That doesn't happen in a day, doesn't happen in a week, doesn't happen in a month.

"That's an everyday process and that's what being an offensive lineman is. You are blessed with size, but there is a lot that goes to it."

There have been numerous players that have impressed Michalczik, but he is quick to point to one specific player that has done a nice job.

"Jacob is an extremely hard worker," Michalczik said. "He is a very competitive young man, dedicated, tough, always wanting to do the extra things, and it is paying off for him.

"I don't ever want to say starters because we don't know who the starters are until the first game, but he is running with the ones a bunch and he's earned everything he's gotten.

"Every day is a competition to come out on this field, and he's got that competitive nature and that drive to be successful."

Are there any other younger players making a push?

"I've going to leave the door open," Michalczik said. "We've got five guys running with the ones now and I would like to see five different guys in the fall, which means we're better.

"We've got three freshmen coming in. I'd like to see one of those, two of those or three of those guys challenge.

"We're a long way from our first game, but we're also a long way from where we could be. We just need to keep working at getting there."

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